Macedonia is a country positioned in the South of Europe, many people know it as a land of the sun, the timeless sun, even as a place where the sun shines in a different way. Here is where the mediterranean and continental climate meet, and the clash of winds that makes these special wines. This is where the wine began it’s story many centuries ago. There are few places on earth where special wines can be produced with a taste that can conquer the world, Macedonia is one of those places.

Can we measure how much sun and effort is placed into the wine? The answer in no. Here in Ezimit Vino we put everlasting and always different effort but it is not taken as such in order to pour the spirit and character of our vineyards. Every smile after the taste of our wines is a precious reward and moment for which is worth working for. Ezimit Vino wines have their story, have their path and every bottle shares a passion on Macedonian rich history and tradition of winemaking.