History of wine


The holly land was well known by the grapes recognized as one of the seven gifts of the Mother Nature. Macedonia had the honor to carry out the rich wine tradition dating from the time of Fillip II and Alexander the Great when wine was a privilege to the royalty. Tradition continues in the time of the Roman imperia when Macedonia was one of the well known region for rising grapes and in the time of Christianity the product of the grapes – the wine has been used as a synonym for god’s blood in many church ceremonies. During the past, wine had special influence on the culture of all civilizations. From its earliest development the wine had special place in our customs, celebrations and gatherings. The wine cultivation exist throughout whole world. There a very few regions on earth where the good wine is made. Macedonia is one of them. Macedonia is a country with its own distinctive quality of living and life style that understands enjoyment of small, but very important things that make life.
The growth of wine popularity is compared with development of western civilizations. As trade with wine advanced, the civilized world advanced too.