Barrique wines

Vranec Barrique



This wine is produced from the autochthon Macedonian grape variety Vranec. It is made by process of selection of grapes from the best localities in the vineyards. The grape is picked manually and from the wine plants where there is maximum 3 grapes per plant.
The wine is matured 12 months in French oak barrels which intense the tastes and are adding a complexity and wine attributes.

The colour is intense and almost impenetrable granite colour with expressed and developed full and warm smell and spicy tones. Tertiary bouquet is especially expressed. On the nose is felling fried tones of coffee, after that it is felt smoked raisins, sherry aroma and then semi dry dark fruit. The taste is intense, it’s good follower of the smell, and it is full and well rounded. The structure of this wine is special, the body too, and the end is lasting, again the fried is coming. At the end the tannins are sweet dry.
This wine is ready for long storing.

Served with all types of red meat, deer, smoked chicken, and matured cheese on the temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.