Barrique wines

Vranec Reserve



This wine is produced from the autochthon Macedonian sort of grape Vranec on the oldest way in production of wine.
It is fair to say that it is made by selection of the selected grapes from the best localities in the vineyards. The grape is harvested manually and only where there is maximum two grapes per plant.
This wine is stored in French and Bulgarian oak barrels 18 months, which rich the wine with complex and fine character of the wine.
The dark and impenetrable colour and intense smell of a dark fruit such as plum, little of spices and attracted spices tones.
On the palate is filled with fines of berries. Well balanced wine with irresistible creamy, fruity taste.
The structure of this wine is special, the body too, the finish is especially long.
The wine is ready for long storage.

The ideal companion of the meals with red meat, pork, chicken, cheese or noodles on the temperature of the wine of 16 Celsius degrees.